Avon River Team

   Home Groups

Home Groups meet to look at issues from a Christian perspective or to explore different books of the Bible over a cup of coffee or tea. You don’t need to have a great understanding of the Christian faith but you do need to have a willingness to talk and an inquisitiveness about the world.

Monday 10.00am meets weekly at 43 Churchill Avenue, Bulford SP4 9HH, Contact number 01980 59730

Monday 7.30pm meets weekly at 123 Kirby Avenue, Netheravon SP4 9SA,

Tuesday 2.30pm meets weekly at 15 Coombe Lane, Enford SN9 6DF, Contact number 01980 670296

Wednesday 7.30pm meets weekly at  Riverview, Kings Hill, Netheravon SP4 9PL, Contact number 01980 670326

Thursday 3.00pm meets weekly at 39 Oak Lane, Figheldean SP4 8JS, Contact number 01980 670957