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Philip's 1 Nov Homily

Heather's 25 Oct Homily  Chrysogon's 18 Oct. Homily   Susan's 11 Oct. Homily

Team Service 4 Oct   Philip's 27 Sept. Homily   Heather's 20 Sept. Homily

Chrysogon's 13 Sept. Homily   Team Service 6 September   Gale's 30 August Homily

Philip's 23 August Homily   Heather's 16 August Homily   Chrysogon's 9 August Homily

Team Service 2 August   Gale's 26 July Homily   Philip's 19 July Homily

Heather's 12 July Homily   Team Service 5 July   Susan's June 28 Homily

Gale's June 21 Homily   Philip's June 14 Homily   Team Service 7 June

Chrysogon's May 31 Homily  Susan's  May 24 Homily and Ascension Day Homily

Heather's May 17 Homily   Gale's May 10 Homily   Team Service 3 May

Chrysogon's April 26 Homily   Susan's April 19 Homily

Heather's Collective Worship on Forgiveness

Philip's Collective Worship for Pentecost   Summer Term   Ascension Day  Baptism  The Sanctuary

Philip's Collective Worships for Holy week:

Palm Sunday    Maundy Thursday      Good Friday     Easter Day

Heather's Easter Day Homily

Gale's Palm Sunday Homily